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Leumit Health Services
Leumit Health Services

Leumit Health Services was established in 1933, before the establishment of the State of Israel. The same pioneers who held the vision of creating a Jewish state are those who helped create our health fund, all in the kitchen of one physician, Dr. Vinshal. 
This kitchen was to become first clinic belonging  to Leumit, and in it these same pioneers sat and laid down their vision. They, led by the Leumit’s first manager, Mr. Melamedowitz, determined that Leumit's doors would be open to everyone, regardless of income, age or history of prior illness. They demanded that the members would be treated as acquaintances and not as numbers.
Although Leumit has grown, it continues to pursue its original path: the doors are open to all residents of Israel, including new immigrants, city, kibbutz and settlement dwellers, the religious and ultra-religious, minority groups and secular Israelis.
Our guiding motto, “Taking care of your future health today,” indicates our commitment to preventative health care as an integral part of our community service.
The emphasis we put on health care excellence, service availability and extensive geographical coverage is all guided by our Director, Mr. Nissim Alon.
Among all other Health Care Funds in Israel, Leumit was given the top award for service by The Marker, Israel's foremost business newspaper.







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23 Shprinzak st., Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel

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