Who is John Malone?

- Leadership - Sep 09, 2016

John Malone’s Liberty Media company will initially buy a stake in Formula One of up to 20% before taking full control later on in the year. The deal will value the sport at around £6.4bn ($8.5 billion).

John Malone is one of the biggest media owners in the United States. Starting his career at AT&T in the 1960s and (for 23 years) was the chief executive of the United States cable company, TCI.

He owns Liberty Media, Liberty Interactive and Liberty Global of which he is chairman of all three firms. Liberty Interactive's subsidiaries include the home shopping channel QVC. UK-based Liberty Global is one of the world's biggest broadband internet service providers and international cable firms, with operations in 14 countries and over 35,000 employees. Since 2013 it has been the owner of Virgin Media, and also has a small stake in ITV. John Malone also has a significant stake in Barnes and Noble, the biggest retail bookseller in the United States.

Back in the 1990s, as TCI boss, he was nicknamed "Darth Vader" by Al Gore (the former US vice-president) when he put up cable customers' subscription rates.

He shuns the limelight, unlike a lot of other media magnates

Now worth over $7bn, Mr Malone is also the largest private landowner in the United States; owning over 2 million acres of land (nearly half the size of Wales) much of it in the states of Maine and New Hampshire.

"You just have to be opportunistic, and try to figure out what creates value" – John Malone

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