Gatwick Airport: top 10 tips for upcycling an economy flight

Gatwick Airport
- Leadership - Dec 19, 2016

Recent data released from Gatwick reveals that less than 10 per cent of all business travellers actually travel in business class, meaning more and more business passengers are flying in economy and expected to be fresh and ready for work as soon as they’re off the plane.

Furthermore, the data also reveals that business passengers will fly on average no less than 10 times per year, compared to just 4.5 for all passengers – meaning those travelling for business are spending significantly more time up in the air!

Brexit will no doubt have had a knock-on effect on businesses and their ability to spend and therefore means that more passengers travelling for work are being made to travel in economy when making their journey – which is not always as comfortable, especially if you’re flying long-haul.  

With this in mind, we wanted to share a list top tips for upcycling your business journey, even if you aren’t travelling in business class. Whether it’s planning ahead or bringing the ultimate comfort essentials, see below for the top tips on how to upgrade your trip for the ‘business class’ experience.   

Top Tips for Upcycling Your Economy Flight  

  • Choose a seat – try and book your seat before you fly. Those travelling in business class benefit from equal amounts of space on-board whereas in economy you could end up feeling slightly squashed on your journey. There are usually areas at the front and middle of the plane which offer extra legroom, so try and book in one of these seats before you fly and enjoy the extra space on board.
  • Food first – if food is high on your priority list, seat 9A is a good spot as this is usually the row in which food starts being served from. Business class passengers will get served their food quicker than those in economy, so make sure your sat in a strategic seat if you’re keen to eat promptly!  
  • Comfort essentials – business class flights are full of room and come with a comfy pillow and blanket for a restful journey. Ensure you invest in your own to bring more comfort to your flight, even if you are flying in economy.
  • Take care of your toes – another handy tip is to pack a pair of travel socks in your hand luggage. Business class travellers have the luxury of lying down on most flights (especially when flying long-haul) and therefore have lots of room to lift their feet and stretch out their legs. Take off your shoes when flying economy and pop on a pair of travel socks – not only will this make the flight more comfortable, but it will also aid circulation when up in the air.
  • Pack light – business class passengers have the privilege of a speedy check-in and separate queue. Speed up your journey by packing a carry-on bag (if it’s a short trip) meaning you won’t have to queue for check in, or wait for your bag at the other end!
  • Dress to impress – and bring comfortable clothes to wear on the flight. On most long-haul business class flights, you’ll have the privilege of being given a pair of pyjamas to wear on board, so make sure you have something comfy to change into when making a long journey (…and avoid sleeping in your suit!). Packing clothes in bags from the dry cleaners will help minimise the creasing in the suitcase.  
  • Feel fresh – business class passengers are often treated with goodies to keep them fresh throughout the flight (such as hot towels). Create your own business class experience by investing in a small face mist you can take on board. The dry air on planes can make you feel dehydrated and a small mist spray is the perfect product to keep you looking and feeling fresh, especially if you’re running straight into a meeting at the other end!  
  • Independent lounges – most business travellers will be able to relax and unwind in a private lounge before their flight. Gatwick Airport offers many independent lounges for all passengers and this is certainly something those travelling for business can take advantage of. Whether you’re looking to escape big groups of families and friends, or need to catch up on your emails before you fly, a private lounge the perfect stop-off before making a long journey. Prices start from £20 and include TVs, a host of snacks, newspapers and more.
  • Quiet space – another trick to upcycle your journey would be to invest in a pair of noise cancelling headphones for the flight. Even if you are flying economy, get that business class tranquil feeling and block out the noise from other passengers (especially babies!) on board.
  • Speedy security – business class passengers get through security quicker than economy travellers, meaning they can get to their gate in good time. If you’re travelling through Gatwick Airport you can purchase a premium security pass which is available to all customers for £5.00 before you fly. This service is well-worth the investment, especially if you’re in meetings all day and know you won’t have lots of time to spare at the airport.

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