What business ideas will trend in 2017?

- Leadership - Jan 09, 2017

If you’re a budding entrepreneur considering going solo in 2017, Danish interiors and a resurgence of jive dancing could make big business according to a new study by Yell Business. The digital marketing specialist combined business predictions made in early 2016 with end of year research from their online business directory www.yell.com that identified other services in high demand this year. This combination of business types was then researched further using Google Trends to make the forecast.

Looking towards 2017, those with an eye for interiors could consider a career move to ‘hygge interior design’, as this term has been Googled 163 percent more times in the past three months than it was in the previous quarter. Perhaps unsurprising given the current trend for all things ‘hygge’ – a Danish word which translates to English as ‘cosiness’.

This year, ‘jive classes’ also saw 50 percent more searches than in 2015 on Google. With a 20 percent increase in August to October, hinting they could be a popular pastime in 2017, so anyone with fancy footwork may want to consider the move to teaching classes.

For those thinking about starting up in food or drink, craft gin was the tipple with the highest growth in popularity, with 285 percent more Google searches than those seen in 2015 and its biggest month in October (stacking up 182,000 searches in the month alone). Craft beer told a similar story, with searches for ‘craft beer shop’ peaking in 2016 - 86 percent higher than in 2015.

Gourmet confectionery shops, such as Candy Kittens, the brand owned by Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing, saw 200 percent more searches this year than in 2015, and the rise of people favouring a vegan diet played into the food types searched for in 2016, with ‘vegan food’ rising 83 percent from 2015, with spikes in both January and April.

Other emerging searches gaining popularity include online streaming services, eSports companies, beer delivery and ‘cycling companies’.

Yell Business surveyed 1,500 consumers in the UK, and 40 percent said they have considered starting up their own business, but with only 13 percent going through with it. When asked what had stopped the 40 percent from doing so, the top three answers were:

  • lack of money (61 percent)
  • they don’t know how or where to start (50 percent)
  • risk of failure (26 percent)

However out of 1,500 small business owners also surveyed, 68 per cent said they made a profit in their first year, with almost a third (31 percent) turning a profit within just two months. Furthermore, when asked about the perks of being a business owner, 82 percent said they liked being their own boss, 61 percent said choosing their own hours and 52 percent said making their own decisions.

Mark Clisby, Marketing Director at Yell Business said: “The emerging trends present a real opportunity for entrepreneurs to capitalise on in 2017. It’s even more exciting that many of these business types play into people’s everyday passions. Whether it be teaching jive dancing classes or a setting up a vegan cafe, 2017 could be the year to take the leap and do something you’ve always wanted to."


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