How does the UK private jet market compare with the rest of Europe?

- Leadership - May 09, 2017

Owning a private jet is nothing more than a pipe dream for many, reserved for the days when they win big on the lottery.

However, it’s a very real lifestyle for others — but just how does the UK’s aircraft market compare to the rest of Europe, and the world? Manufacturer of aircraft hangars Rubb Buildings investigates.

The aircraft market in the UK

139 aircrafts were registered in the UK between 23/01/17 and 19/03/17 according G-Info, the Civil Aviation Authority’s digital database of UK registered aircrafts. This figure accounts for all aircrafts registered in the UK and does not solely focus on private jets.

During this period, most registrations took place in March, with 41 in total, while the period between 23/01/2017 and 05/02/17 saw the fewest registrations with just 20.

How does the rest of the world compare?

According to figures from 2014, the UK had 241 private jet registrations — the eighth highest number globally. This was behind Austria (244) yet ahead of China (203), but still small fry when compared with the USA, who were in first place with 12,051.

Britain had the second largest number of private jets in Europe in 2015. 618 were registered, ahead of France’s 511 but behind the leaders Germany with 761. Many attribute this to London’s growing population of ultra-high-net-worth-individuals.

60 percent of global private jet activity was from business jets, according to a 2015 report. In fact, London’s Luton airport had the fourth highest number of private business flights of all European airports, averaging 35 flights per day in 2015. This was behind Geneva, Paris and Nice only.

Also making the top 10 busiest airports for private business flights was Farnborough, Hampshire, with 28 flights per day.

Aircraft types

Generally, there are three types of private jets that make up the global general aviation market: piston, turboprop and business jet. Across all of these types, delivery data shows that North America receives the greatest percentage of all general aviation aircraft shipments — 69.6 percent piston, 57.8 percent turboprop and 62 percent business jet.

The next largest share for turboprop and business jet shipments is in Europe and the UK, receiving 10.6 percent and 18.8 percent respectively. However, Asia-Pacific receives a higher percentage of piston shipments, with 10.2 percent compared to Europe’s 10.1 percent.

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