Tesco joins The Innovation Gateway to share its sustainability progress

- Leadership - Jul 06, 2017

The Innovation Gateway has announced that retail giant Tesco has joined its pioneering group.

Tesco is working to expand its dedication to efficiency improvements in energy, water, waste, health, and wellbeing. It is committing to opening up its eco-innovation work to a broad range of leading organisations including Heathrow, Kingfisher, Carillion, RBC, University of Cambridge, and Unite Group.

Tesco’s commitment reflects the growing conviction of major companies that they must work together in order to address the pressing challenges of climate change, resource scarcity, and rising energy prices. The company will be sharing its progress and results through the Innovation Gateway, which has seen an expanding coalition of companies working together since 2014 to reduce their environmental impacts.

Following the Paris Climate Agreement, Tesco set out new scientific targets that will enable it to meet its zero-carbon ambition. It aims to achieve absolute reductions, based on 2015, of 35 percent by 2020, become a zero-carbon business by 2050, and source 100 percent of its electricity from renewables by 2030. More than £700 million has been invested by Tesco in energy efficiency over the past decade, which has led to a reduction in emissions of 41 percent per square foot. The company is thoroughly on track to achieve a 50 percent reduction per square foot of store by 2020.


Kené Umeasiegbu, Head of Climate Change and Sustainable Agriculture of Tesco commented: “At Tesco, we want to continue to play our part in combating climate change. Our work includes deploying innovation to reduce energy use across our estate. Wherever appropriate, we will share our experience and learn from other companies and organisations through the Innovation Gateway.  We hope this exchange can be a real benefit to each company and increase our impact in addressing climate change.”

Fiona Walmsley, Head of Workplace Services at RBS, commented, “We’re pleased to be welcoming Tesco as a new partner to the Innovation Gateway.  The new partnership will increase the number of opportunities for innovators, entrepreneurs and small businesses to test their creative ideas in a real life environment. Helping them to prove their concepts and to build their experience. We believe that reducing the environmental impact of delivering products and services is a concern for all businesses and to be successful we will need to collaborate and innovate, we’re therefore excited that the Innovation Gateway is continuing to grow and develop.” 

Euan Burns, Chief Engineer at Carillion, stated: “It is brilliant news that Tesco are joining us as partners in the Innovation Gateway to create solutions that make buildings more environmentally friendly while supporting dynamic SME innovators. With the combination of partners we now have working together, we can make an impact on a vast range of UK buildings.”

Henry Majed, Director of Partnerships at Innovation Gateway, added: “It’s fantastic that a company with Tesco’s depth of experience is taking a lead in sharing all the innovative work that it has done to reduce energy, waste and water across its portfolio. This partnership reflects how important it is to leading organisations internationally the need to reduce environmental impact and drive innovation to combat it. By working with Tesco, we can help drive cross industry improvements with tangible benefits to our environment.”

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