UK will adopt EU's strict General Data Protection Regulation laws

- Leadership - Aug 08, 2017

As reported by one of our sister sites, Gigabit, the European Union’s current General Data Protection Regulation is to be implemented into UK law, tightening data protection rules in Britain.

People will be protected from having their personal data used, they will be able to request that data be deleted entirely (with the ‘right to be forgotten’), and organisations will require explicit consent to process personal information.

The maximum fine imposed on firms for data security breaches was previously £500,000 but will rise to £17mn under the new ruling. The General Data Protection Regulation will come into effect in May 2018, and the UK government will continue to meet the outlined standards once Britain leaves the EU.


Patrick Booth, VP UK & Ireland at big data specialist Talend, offered the following expert comment:

“The proposed changes will require businesses to sharpen up their data protection processes. Organisations need to take action now to ensure they are adequately capturing, integrating, certifying, monitoring and of course, protecting their data.  

“A failure to comply with the new regulations could be costly. Businesses will need to track and trace each piece of potentially sensitive data, and determine how it is processed across their entire information supply chain - from their CRM and HR systems to their data lakes.

“Compliance with the new proposals will also depend on the organisation’s data agility, as it mandates transparent communication with data subjects on their personal data and grants those subjects rights for data access, as well as rectification and erasure at any time.

“This can be a challenge for large, complex or geographically dispersed organisations where data is often siloed, duplicated and distributed across many different sites and likely stored in multiple places. Any delays to answer requests from the UK government can be a major problem for businesses if they don’t have a clear process and widely accessible system to compile the requested information. And that could in turn leave them in a tough position.”

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