Lloyd's Register to help Norway achieve green transportation goals

- Leadership - Aug 23, 2017

Lloyd’s Register’s Norwegian Risk Management Consulting Team has signed three exclusive frame agreements to help businesses in the region achieve their sustainability and pollution goals across the transportation sector.

ASKO, the country’s largest retail logistics company, is already getting involved using expertise from Lloyd’s Register to achieve 100% zero emissions in its transportation of goods and services. ASKO has ordered a number of heavy goods vehicles using the fuel-cell electric transmission and power-train for medium distance grocery transportation in mid-Norway.

Jørn A. Endresen from ASKO MIDT – NORGE AS, said: “We want to run facilities and systems that support the transport needs of tomorrow and that help us achieve our ‘zero emission’ goals so we are looking at ways of operating that will better our high level of service and reliability that customers of ASKO currently enjoy, but knowing we are achieving our emission aims is critical to our business model.

“Thanks to Lloyd’s Register we are using their technical expertise to help us undergo the most rigorous of sustainability challenges we have ever undertaken. We are confident that their risk analysis approach and their local knowledge and understanding of environmental challenges, will help us achieve cleaner transport.” 


With expertise lent to the business by Uno-X Hydrogen, Lloyd’s Register, a global leader in technical and engineering compliance, is working on the delivery of risk analyses for its H2 refuelling station rollout programme. Lloyd’s Register’s insights into sustainability are also being used in the Mobility Zero Emission Energy Systems (MoZEES) initiative led by Norwegian research institute, IFE.

Therese Lyngstøl Baas, Operations Manager - Risk Management Services at Lloyd’s Register, says: "There are a number of zero emission transportation initiatives under way and we are very pleased to be operating in this area. Our participation in the MoZEES work in particular, is a really interesting one and we are confident our expertise will support companies involved in the programme towards achieving a cleaner, sustainable transportation approach for their own business model as well as the wider ‘clean-drive’ transportation initiatives across Norway.

All of this work aims to make Norway a hub of sustainability and high technology. Lloyd’s Register’s zero emission technical insights are transferable to many businesses, cities, and countries around the world, and will most certainly spread across Europe: in Europe, transportation is responsible for a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions. While the region’s industrial emissions have fallen by 38% since 1990, those in the transportation sector have increased by 9%.

“The trailblazing achievements of the Norwegians are just one reason why experts believe the next few years are crucial for the breakout of ‘zero emission’ mobility in Europe and beyond,” highlights Lyngstøl Baas.

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