The WEF launches the first Global Centre for Cybersecurity in Geneva

- Leadership - Jan 25, 2018

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has launched the first Global Centre for Cybersecurity in Geneva, Switzerland.

Announced at this week's WEF in Davos, the centre will allow businesses to collaborate with governments, experts and law enforcement agencies to fight cybercrime.

It will function as an organisation autonomous from the WEF and will become operational from March.

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"If we want to prevent a digital dark age, we need to work harder to make sure the benefits and potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are secure and safe for society," said Alois Zwinggi, Managing Director at the World Economic Forum and Head of the Global Centre for Cybersecurity.

"The new Global Centre for Cybersecurity is designed as the first platform to tackle today’s cyber-risks in a truly global manner."

The centre will focus on consolidating existing cybersecurity initiatives from the WEF while working to build an independent library of best practices and a regulatory framework.

WEF 2018 has seen politicians and business leaders from all corners of the globe meet to discuss the most pressing issues.

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