Bosch poaches IoT expert Tanja Rückert from SAP to head Building Technologies division

- Leadership - Mar 02, 2018

Bosch has recruited one of the world's leading Internet of Things (IoT) specialists in the shape of Dr. Tanja Rückert.

Rückert, who will join Bosch from her role as SAP's Head of IoT and Digital Supply Chain in July, will succeed Gert van Iperen as the president of its Building Technologies division.

Van Iperen is retiring this summer aften ten years in the role, while Rückert - a graduate of University of Wuerzburg and the University of Regensburg - is venturing away from SAP for the first time in her career having worked her way up at the software corporation since joining in 1997.

"I am very happy that Tanja Rueckert is joining Bosch," said Dr. Stefan Hartung, a Bosch board member. "We will be gaining an internationally recognised specialist in IoT and Industry 4.0.

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"She will drive forward, optimise, and implement our strategy of connectivity in products, systems, and solutions for security, communication, and energy efficiency.

"Gert van Iperen is someone who always acts intelligently and pragmatically. With great foresight, he anticipated the impact of connectivity and digitalisation on security and building technology. In addition, he made the business with solutions and services in this area continuously more global."

Bosch's Building Technologies division, previously known as Bosch Security Systems, made sales of close to €2bn in 2017 and has 9,000 associates.

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