Profile: RCI Banque's new Chief Executive Officer, Bruno Kintzinger

- Leadership - Mar 27, 2018

RCI Banque, the financial institution that works with the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance to help distribute the group's vehicles worldwide, has a new Chief Executive Officer in the shape of Bruno Kintzinger. What makes him perfect for the role?

Bruno Kintzinger has accumulated well over 20 years of experience of the Renault Groupe having first joined in 1995.

His initial role with the automaker was as a Sales Director in its Belgium and Luxembourg division before becoming CEO of Revoz Renault in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana.

Kintzinger's seniority increased as he took on positions in Spain and Italy for RCI Bank and Services. In this time, he also took over management of its Fleet division and joined the Executive Committee.

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Since 2011, the French national has been Director of the Eurasia region and CEO of RN Bank, a joint venture between RCI Banque, Nissan and Unicrédit in Russia. 

An Economics graduate from ICGP Paris and IAE Toulouse (Toulouse School of Management), Kintzinger began his professional career in sales in 1975 at DIAC before progressing to manage its Belgian subsidiary. He will replace in Gianluca de Ficchy as CEO of RCI, who has held the position since 2014.

"With his knowledge of the banking sector, his leadership skills, and his rich international experience, Bruno Kintzinger will ensure the continuation of our growth momentum," said Chairman Clotilde Delbos. 

"I have full confidence in him to strengthen RCI Bank and Services' contribution to the development of the Alliance's brands and to respond to their customers' new automobility challenge."

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