Volkswagen opens new innovation-based Group Campus in Tel Aviv

- Leadership - May 22, 2018

Volkswagen has opened the doors to a new innovation site in Israel which will push forward its autonomous vehicle plans.

The new 'Konnect' Group Campus in Tel Aviv will see Volkswagen and its group brands explore opportunities in the local market, with the hope of tapping into the country's widely-recognised tech scene in order to help drive towards its mobility plans for the future.

It will also provide complementary innovative solutions in various fields, including Sensors, Simulation, Connectivity, Smart Navigation, Cyber Security, E-mobility and Big Data.

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"I am a strong believer in the technological innovations being developed within the Israeli market and I am convinced that they can help us reach our goal of being one of the global market leaders in sustainable mobility," said Peter Harris, Chief Customer Officer, Volkswagen Group. "Konnect is another step in expanding our activities in Israel and will help our portfolio of brands engage with the Israeli start-up ecosystem."

'Konnect' will be headed by Stephanie Reimann, who will take on the role of Managing Director. Reimann and her team will work with the group’s brands to conduct focused scouting activities within the Israeli market and identify, support and develop proof of concept projects with start-ups in various fields of mobility.

Reimann added: "The mission of ‚Konnect‘ is to connect, foster and accelerate the high-tech initiatives of the Volkswagen Group brands in the future within the Israeli ecosystem.”

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