More CEOs are now embracing digital transformation, according to KPMG study

- Leadership - May 25, 2018

KPMG's CEO Outlook survey for 2018 has illustrated the determination of business leaders to take hold of their company's digital transformation.

The study, which covers a broad range of topics with insight from CEOs across a range of industries, revealed that 95% now see technological disruption as an opportunity rather than a threat – a huge 30-point increase on 2017.

It also reports that 71% of global CEOs are now prepared to lead their operations through a radical transformation. In Europe, CEOs from France are the most open-minded when it comes to embracing technological change, closely followed by those in Germany and the United Kingdom.

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A major theme of the study focused around artificial intelligence (AI), with 62% of global CEOs and 71% in the UK arguing that it will create more jobs than it destroys over the next three years.

"KPMG’s latest survey highlights business leaders are starting to sit up and take notice of the capabilities of AI," said Melissa Di Donato, Chief Revenue Officer, SAP Cloud ERP. "With the pace of change faster than ever before, business leaders have had to make decisions in a very uncertain environment.

"Ultimately, AI enables businesses to streamline processes whilst empowering employees to take control of their roles and accomplish tasks at a fraction of the speed we previously could. This type of automation allows for higher level, creative thinking – an absolute must in today’s increasingly competitive landscape.

"With two in three business leaders prepared to take charge and evolve their business, it is up to the remaining third to set aside their concerns and embrace AI, or risk being left behind."

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