Uber announces changes in service in London in bid to keep operations

- Leadership - Jun 25, 2018

The US-based ride hailing and sharing company, Uber, has confirmed the changes it has applied to its services and operations in the UK’s capital city.

The firm argued in court the reasons why it should operate its business in London, following the removal of its license in September last year.

According to CNBC, the firm will have appealed its “fit and proper” nature to the court after it was accused of showing a “lack of corporate responsibility” towards “public safety and security” by Transport for London (TfL), the governmental body responsible for transport in the city.


The ride-hailing platform noted that it’s license should not have been renewed last due to the safety concerns, but claimed it had implemented “wholesale change” since.

“We accept TfL's decision in September was the right decision on the evidence at the time,” stated Tom de la Mare QC, a representative for Uber, the BBC reported.

According to de la Mare, the firm has successfully passed its three latest inspections with a “perfect record of compliance”.

During the appeal process, the firm has been granted to operate as normal. The court hearing is anticipated to last for a few days.

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