Mercedes-Benz launches production of C-Class Saloon in Bremen

- Leadership - Aug 02, 2018

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that production for its C-Class Saloon vehicle has begun at the Bremen plant in Germany.

“The transition of the highly varied series took place during full capacity and within one day. In the highly flexible production, digital solutions and shopping carts are used to control diversity,” stated Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, in a press release.

The new C-Class vehicle will be produced in Bremen in Germany, Tuscaloosa in the US, East London in South Africa, and Beijing in China.

Bremen has been the first location for production and will be the lead plant, with the remaining three locations to launch high-volume manufacturing soon.


Mercedes-Benz has used state-of-the-art digital production technologies and Industry 4.0 solutions to produce the model.

Through the implementation of new technology, the firm has optimised material flow and increased efficiency and flexibility.

“For example, preloaded shopping carts are delivered to the production line by driverless transportation systems and paper documentation is replaced by mobile devices such as tablets, Mini-PCs and Smart PDAs in accordance with the "paperless factory" concept,” the press release continues.

The firm’s Bremen facility features more than 12,500 employees, making it the largest private employer in the region.

The site is responsible for manufacturing 10 models, and successfully produced more than 420,000 vehicles last year.

Image: Daimler

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