Uber CEO Unveils Plans to Rid London of 1M Cars with uberPOOL

- Leadership - Oct 14, 2014

Travis Kalanick, boss of app-based taxi service Uber, is setting his sights on taking one million cars off London roads through a new car-sharing scheme called uberPOOL.

In an event at the UK capital’s Royal Albert Hal in front of 2,000 business delegates, Kalanick also outlined Uber’s desire to attract an additional 100,000 drivers as part of the plan to decongest the city.

Uber is an app which allows users to book a car based on their GPS position, with payment being made via whichever card has been attached to the mobile account. Friends and sharing parties can split fares equally by opting into a particular journey.

UberPOOL would allow previously unconnected passengers travelling to similarly located destinations to share hired cars, leading to cheaper rates and fewer vehicles on the roads.

Kalanick told City A.M. that “London is the Champions League of transportation. It has got a more dynamic, more competitive transportation system than any other city in the world.”

“People are already able to get around without having cars. But when Uber makes that journey incrementally better, because it’s a competitive marketplace, a lot of people can move to that thing that’s better. Which is why we’ve seen so much growth here.”

London is set to become Uber’s quickest-growing market ahead of Los Angeles, with more than 7,000 drivers transporting 500,000 people to their desired locations.

Uber operates in 204 cities across 45 countries, and has sparked protest in London by black cab drivers who claim that its drivers are not operating on a level playing field.

With its app-based technologies the company appears to be one step ahead of what Kalanick describes as arcane rules and regulations, and will not halt its mission to take one million cars off of London’s streets. 

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