Q&A: FedEx Express Spots Logistics Potential in the Nordics

- Leadership - Oct 16, 2014

Global logistics giant FedEx Express has been consistently steeping up its presence in Northern Europe, especially in the Nordic region.

The courier has opened eight new stations since 2011, with the latest gateway development underway at Copenhagen Airport and due to be operational later next year.

The site will sort 11,500 packages per day, have a size of more than 8,000 square meters, process 18 weekly FedEx Express flights, 170 truck movements per week and host a fleet of up to 36 pick-up and delivery vehicles.

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In light of this recent ramping up of activity, Business Review Europe spoke to FedEx Express’s Helena Jansson, VP Finance EMEA, about why the company sees so much potential in the Nordics.

BRE: Why is FedEx Express expanding in the Nordic region?

HJ: The Nordics is clearly an important region for us and as we embarked on our expansion in Europe it was a very interesting market. The industries there really work well with our needs and offerings – time sensitive industries like technology sectors that want deliveries overnight. 

We have added stations across the whole region including Norway, Finland and Denmark. We were present before expansion in 2011/2012 with four stations and now we have around 500 people and 170 vehicles in the Nordics, it is a pretty big operation. 

The Nordics economy is also very export-oriented, which is something we want to be able to support and be part of. We have seen FedEx has a role to play in this increasingly successful and stable economic environment.

The region is not in the centre of world and is not the centre of attention, which is like a double-edged sword. We like to look at it as a great opportunity where we can fit in and add value to our customers.

However, it is important to see this as piece in our network and to avoid the danger of taking pieces in isolation; the network is greater than the sum of its parts.

What will the Copenhagen project bring to FedEx Express?

With Copenhagen we carried out a lot of research into the most suitable locations and it quickly surfaced as being the best solution. It is already the biggest cargo hub in the Nordics and is ideally located - you can capture a lot of Sweden from this location.

We are growing out and in need of space and a new gateway. Once we have the location and the suitable space and facilities we can then optimise. One of the things which will improve with the new gateway here is delivery times.

Will the company continue to grow its Nordics presence in the future?

It all comes down to the business opportunities that come up, and where we think customers have needs. We are always looking at opportunities right across the EMEA region, which is a vast area.

The Nordics gateway is a flagship example of FedEx concentrating on a particular area and we now need to capitalise on it and execute the projects flawlessly and deliver our commitments.

I think we are at a crossroads in Europe economically, so only time will tell as to what areas will become best to invest in. 

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