LinkedIn’s list of the 10 most attractive start-ups to work for in Germany

- Leadership - Sep 12, 2018

LinkedIn has named its top 25 startups which have been deemed the most desirable to work for in Germany.

To make the list, the privately-held firms must employ at least 50 people and have been established no more than seven years ago.

Here is the top 10:

10. Infarm

The Berlin-headquartered firm employees more than 150 people. Infarm’s goals are to improve the environmental impact of farming and make cities more self-sufficient.

9. AUTO1 Group

AUTO1 Group is based in Berlin and is Europe’s largest car trading platform. The firm, which hires more than 3,500 people, has operations in over 30 countries and saw its revenues hit €2.2bn (US$2.55bn) in 2017.

8. door2door

The Berlin-based travel company, door2door, aims to decrease the number of personal cars used on the road in order reduce greenhouse gas emissions and traffic. The firm, which employs more than 50 members of staff, offers smarter routes to cut excess vehicles.

7. Contentful

The 200-member content infrastructure company is headquartered in Germany’s capital city. The firm – which features customers such as Heineken, Urban Outfitters, and Spotify – enables content creation, storage, and publishing.

6. Spryker

Spryker is a commerce technology firm that aids company-customer communication through touchpoints. The group is based in Berlin and employs 130 people.

5. FlixMobility

The Munich-headquartered travel company aims to deliver sustainable, comfortable bus travel. The company has more than 1,000 employees and has transported over 100mn passengers.


The firm connects businesses with independent consultants, and has worked with firm such as Tom Tailor Group and Zalando. COMATCH hires over 100 people and in based in the capital of Germany, Berlin.

3. Horizn Studios

The tech-focused travel brand offers its customers smart-tech options for luggage and travel products. The 75-member firm has two stores – one in Berlin, where it is headquartered, and one in London.

2. Celonis

Celonis aims to “analyze today's processes, to make tomorrow's world more efficient.” The enterprise software company is based in Munich and has a global headcount of 400 people.

1. N26

The Berlin-based digital bank launched in 2015 and has since received more than 1mn customers. N26 is considered one of Europe’s fastest growing lenders, and hires more than 430 employees.

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