ANZ’s Brenda Trenowden ranked number one in FT & HERoes 100 Female Executive

- Leadership - Sep 19, 2018

Brenda Trenowden, the Head of Financial Institutions in Europe at ANZ Bank, has been ranked number one in the FT & HERoes 100 Female Executives category.

Trenowden was placed in first position due to her dedication to gender balance in the UK workplace.

I am both humbled and delighted to be included in a list of so many inspirational men and women, all of whom are doing a great deal to empower and promote women in business.  Recognition like this helps to keep gender diversity near the top of the agenda,” commented Trenowden.

“I believe that we all have a responsibility to lead by example and to create truly inclusive workplace cultures where everyone can thrive and succeed.  I’m encouraged that this is becoming a mainstream issue and that we are making progress, but there is still much more to do!”


The CEO of Virgin Money, Jayne-Anna Gadhia, was ranked in second position, followed by Melanie Richards, the Deputy Chair of KPMG.

“These lists have been created with one aim – to create gender parity in workplaces across the globe,” remarked Suki Sandhu, Founder of HERoes and INvolve.

“The role models we’re recognising aren’t just those who have achieved success themselves – they’re those who are committed to lifting others with them as they climb, and ultimately fueling the female talent pipeline.”

“As evidenced by the recent reporting of gender pay gap data across the UK, the quest for workplace gender equality is not complete. All of our champions are inspiring the next generation of female talent who will go on to obliterate the glass ceiling.”

“Ultimately, through these lists we hope to encourage individuals and businesses to stand up and work together to drive change not just in workplaces, but across society as a whole.” 

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