Young Enterprise: gender pay equality important to young workers

Sean Galea-Pace
- Leadership - Sep 21, 2018

New research has discovered that over half of young people see gender equality as essential to any future career.

As part of its study, YE, a leading business and enterprise education charity, it published a report called ‘The Gender Pay Divide: A Young Person’s Perspective’ and questioned over 200 young entrepreneurs from all regions of the UK.

It was found that 54% of the young people questioned would refuse to work for a company with a large gender pay gap with 70% of females confirming they would refuse, in comparison to 36% of males.

The findings also revealed that 54% of young people believe the gender pay gap will have a substantial impact on their careers with a considerable 74% admitting they would not feel comfortable earning more than the opposite gender in the same role.



Michael Mercieca, Chief Executive of Young Enterprise said: “It’s clear that the gender pay gap is now a make or break issue for employers. The next generation of young people clearly see it as a decisive factor in choosing their career path, so if companies want to attract the next generation of talent, they will need to start actively trying to reduce the pay divide as a matter of urgency.”


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