[Video] How Novartis is Fighting Malaria in Africa

- Leadership - Jul 07, 2014

Global healthcare giant Novartis has been helping the fight against Malaria in Africa since 2001, and has recently announced the launch of a new product to aid their efforts.

It has developed a new high quality antimalarial formulation of Coartem 80/480 designed for the treatment of adults and older children who weigh more than 35 kilograms. It has been approved by relevant authorities in Nigeria, Angola and Kenya.

Worldwide, working with a range of organisations, Novartis has provided more than 600 million treatments for adults and children, without profit, to more than 60 malaria-endemic countries.

The work targets four key areas: Treatment, access, capacity building and research and development.

Each year there are more than one million malaria-related deaths around the world. Nine out of ten malaria deaths occur in sub Saharan Africa, and the vast majority of malaria-related deaths occur in children. In Africa alone, a child dies every 60 seconds from malaria. 

Please see the video below to find out more about Novartis and its role in the fight against Malaria in Africa. 

Logon to www.malaria.novartis.com/ for more information. 

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Mikayla Pickens    Aug 05, 2015

Malaria is a common disease generally caused due to blood parasites pass on from person to person through the infected mosquito’s bites. In the lack of prompt and effective treatment, malaria can causes death too. It was a serious public-health issues in many African countries. Though there are several medicines out there for its cure, but Novartis has been researching the way to completely eliminate the disease from these countries. They offer treatment for over 600 million adults and children, without any profit to these countries.