Google to build €600mn data centre in Fredericia, Denmark

- Leadership - Nov 20, 2018

Google, the California-based technology giant, has revealed plans to develop a new data centre in Fredericia, western Denmark.

The company will invest €600mn (US$686mn) into the project

The firm claims it searches for locations with “high-quality digital infrastructure and supports renewable energy production” when planning for data centres.

Data centers are the heart of Google—they’re the home for a large group of servers that power our products like Search, Gmail and YouTube,” Google stated.


“When you use search or watch videos, servers in data centers around the world are working in the background, doing the heavy lifting.”

“They keep data and information like your emails and photos safe; when you hear about “the cloud,” the data stored in the cloud is actually stored inside a data center.”

The construction of the project is expected to generate 1,450 jobs per annum, according to Copenhagen Economics, with the construction set to continued from 2018 to 2021.

When the data centre is operational, Google will employ between 150 and 250 people in a range of roles, including computer technicians, electrical and mechanical engineers, catering and security staff.

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