Siemens signs £1.5bn contract for 94 new metro trains used in London’s Piccadilly line

- Leadership - Nov 21, 2018

The German manufacturer, Siemens, has signed a contract to build 94 new trains to be used by the London Underground for its Piccadilly line.

Siemens was awarded the £1.5bn (US$1.92bn) contract in June earlier this year, but the agreement faced legal action from Bombardier and Hitachi.

The train will be built in the firm’s £200mn ($256.2mn) factory in Goole, East Yorkshire, for which phased development will begin in this year.

It is anticipated that the project will generate 700 jobs in the facility, which be developed on a 67-acre site near the M62 motorway.


“The introduction of new trains on the Piccadilly line will significantly improve the journeys of millions of our customers, providing more frequent and more reliable trains for decades to come,” stated Nigel Holness, Managing Director of the London Underground.

“This order will mean the replacement of the 1970s Piccadilly line fleet, with delivery of the new trains starting in 2023, and will help address crowding on the line as London’s population continues to rise.”

The trains will be delivered for testing from 2023, and are anticipated to be operational in the UK’s capital city in the following year.

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