Organic wine market set to grow dramatically over next five years

- Leadership - Nov 23, 2018

The market for organic wines, grown pesticide-free, is predicted to grow by over 13% worldwide as consumers become increasingly environmentally-conscious, a report has found. According to Reuters, sales of organic wine are forecast to top 1 billion bottles by 2022, up from 676 million last year and nearly three times the 349 million bottles sold in 2012.

The study, performed by wine and spirits consultancy IWSR, found that growth in the five year period from 2017 to 2022 will be driven by the United States with a more than 14 percent rise followed by South Africa and Norway at 13.5 percent. This worldwide growth is expected to bolster European wine markets in France and Spain, “at a time when global wine consumption is stagnating, even declining”, Jose Luis Hermoso, research director at IWSR told Reuters on Friday.


Europe is still expected to consume the largest amounts of organic wine in the world. Reuters reports that “nearly four bottles out of every five of organic wine sold last year were in Europe, with the three leaders Germany, France and the UK accounting for 50 percent of the market”.

In France, organic wines have a particularly large share of the beverage market, which is expected to reach 7.7% in 2022. In October, Chateau Latour, a high-prestige wine manufacturer, and owned by French billionaire Francois Pinault since 1993, received its certification as organic wine.

Hermoso told Reuters that “there is a big margin for organic wine to keep rising.”

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