Arsenal FC installs battery storage to its Emirates Stadium in London

- Leadership - Nov 26, 2018

Arsenal Foot Ball Club has announced the installation of a battery storage system at its Emirates stadium in London, UK.

The football club announced the news with UK-based Pivot Power on 26 November, CNBC reported.

The 3MW system will have the capacity to store enough energy to power the stadium during an entire match.

“This is a big step forwards for us in being efficient with energy usage and it builds on our work in reducing our carbon footprint as an organization,” stated Vinai Venkatesham, Managing Director of Arsenal.

“We have been powered by green energy since 2016 thanks to Octopus Energy, and the battery storage system will support our efforts further.”


The stadium will initially use 2MW of capacity, bringing the power up to 3MW in the summer of next year.

“Batteries are central to creating a cost-effective, low-carbon economy and we are keen to help government, local authorities and businesses seize the opportunities they offer,” commented Matt Allen, Chief Executive Officer of London-based Pivot Power.

Arsenal partnered with Octopus Energy in 2016, whilst has enable the club to use 100% clean energy sourced from solar farms and anaerobic digestion plants.

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