Fiat Chrysler plans to open assembly plant in Detroit

- Leadership - Dec 07, 2018

The Italian and American automaker based in London, Fiat Chrysler, has plans to develop an assembly plant in Detroit, Michigan.

The company aims to convert an unused engine plant in the US into a new factory, according to the Detroit News.

The Mack Avenue Engine II, which has been out of use since 2012, could be used to assemble the new three-row Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The manufacturing of 2021 model could create as many as 400 new jobs in Detroit, which has not seen a new auto assembly line open in the city for 27 years.


Following the launch of the Mack Avenue Engine II site, Fiat Chrysler could also retool the Jefferson North Assembly Plant across the street.

The Jefferson North facility could be used for later generations of the two- and three-row Grand Cherokee.

“FCA is essentially out of capacity,” stated Jeff Schuster, an Analyst with LMC Automotive in Troy.

“They’re kind of running up against being against full capacity. This is a very different situation than what GM is dealing with.”

The move could see the firm expand its operations in the US, which is seeing a decline in production.

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