UK aerospace manufacturers prepare for Brexit with EU regulation applications

- Leadership - Dec 18, 2018

200 aerospace manufacturers in the UK have applied to come under jurisdiction of regulators in countries in the European Union (EU).

The companies, which include Bombardier and Cobham, have applied for the regulation in preparation for the UK’s departure from the union, the Guardian reported.

The regulation will specifically cover the event of hard Brexit, which could see current understanding regarding distribution.

Currently, aircrafts parts can be used across EU following approval from the nation’s aviation regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

However, if the country departs from the union without a transition deal, this agreement will be invalid.


Companies will require third-country approval in order for their parts to be used, such as other nations on the continent that are not part of the union.

According to a spokesperson for Bombardier, the company has applied for the jurisdiction to “minimise disruption to our business”.

Rolls-Royce, the British engine manufacturer, made a similar announcement last week. The firm revealed it was in discussions with the European Aviation Safety Agency to transfer regulatory approvals for the design of larger jet engines.

The company wanted to move approvals from the UK to Germany as part of “precautionary and reversible technical action”.

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