UK smart home company to win CES 2019 Award for innovation

It was announced today that Centrica was honoured for the innovation of their new product Hive Link, by CES® 2019 Innovation Awards. Hive Link is a new service designed for caregivers to check on those they care for, while still offering them space and privacy.

Centrica Hive Managing Director, Claire Miles, said: “Empowering caregivers is a real passion for us at Centrica Hive and we firmly believe smart home technology will provide extra reassurance for families and their loved ones.

Hive Link devices are placed at points around the house, and collects information about the loved one’s routine. When movement around the house is inconsistent with the logged information, the caregiver is informed.

Miles continues: “Our research with Carers UK clearly shows elderly people want to live in their home and remain independent, but have someone on hand to help if needed. Hive Link was created with this insight at its heart. Designed to be invisible within the home, but always there to give invaluable peace of mind and let everyone enjoy their lives.”



The software also offers the ability to share caring duties with friends or family members, as well an improvement to security as it can detect if a door is left unlocked.

International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox MP said: “I’m delighted that Centrica Hive has been named a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honouree for its new smart home service. This award is a fantastic example of the UK’s position as a leader in the global connected care market.”

“Thanks to the work of British companies like Centrica Hive, the UK will remain at the forefront of designing the future of smart home technology to meet the diverse needs of an ageing society. And I’m pleased that my international economic department has been able to support the business in expanding its presence across the globe.”


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