Al Jazeera announces partnership with Bloomberg to expand EU, ASIA, MEA coverage

- Leadership - Feb 11, 2019

Qatari state-funded broadcasting company, Al Jazeera, announced today that the organization has agreed upon the terms of a partnership with New York media giant Bloomberg’s Media Distribution arm. According to a Reuters report, the deal centres around a new content license agreement designed to expand the two companies’ media and client bases. Bloomberg’s global business coverage will be combined with Al Jazeera’s growing business and economic reportage, increasing the depth and context of information available to Al Jazeera’s readers.

The deal is part of the two companies’ current initiatives to expand business news coverage across the Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia regions.  

As a result of the partnership, Bloomberg content like digital charts and videos will appear on Al Jazeera-hosted english language sites, as well as business and finance stories from Bloomberg News selected by Al Jazeera’s editorial team. Al Jazeera will also make its content available to Bloomberg Terminal subscribers.


“Commerce connects everything. It is the inextricable force behind global events. As such, our expanded focus on business and economics coverage falls squarely within our mission to deliver comprehensive, unbiased, fact-based reporting on the events impacting millions of lives in our region and around the world,” said Dr. Yaser Bishr, Executive Director (EVP) of Digital Media for Al Jazeera.

“In today’s globalized economy, business and entrepreneurship are the pathways to self-determination and economic independence. Our expanded business coverage will bring our audience the insights and information to navigate an increasingly competitive global marketplace,” said Juan Carlos Van Meek, Director of Digital Innovation & Programing for Al Jazeera.

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