[Infographic] How Big is McDonald's?

- Leadership - Oct 30, 2014

When Ray Kroc first saw the restaurant run by the McDonald brothers, Richard and Maurice, in 1954, he was impressed by the efficiency of their operations.

Kroc, a milkshake machine salesman, got a bulk order from the San Bernardino, CA restaurant and he got curious so he checked it out.

He knew the system could be replicated across the U.S. and bought the business from the brothers with a vision: a McDonald’s everywhere in the country. He couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Even for a visionary like him, the idea of having a McDonald’s in almost all countries and big cities around the world at that time would be a tad like fantasy, but now it is well and truly a reality.

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See the infographic below, made by CompareCamp.com, to see interesting facts from how much money the world’s biggest fast food chain makes to the number of people it takes to run the company.

It also explores some of the controversies surrounding McDonald’s and the dominance it has in convenience food. The company is being blamed for the rapid increase in childhood obesity in America, which comes with a slight irony because the first Ronald McDonald was laid off for being overweight.

Check the infographic to find out more about the big numbers and revelations involving the Golden Arches. 

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