Cisco conducts survey into the power of the web

- Leadership - Mar 14, 2019

The US-based technology company, Cisco, has conducted a survey assessing the uses of the World Wide Web (WWW) to celebrated its 30th anniversary.

The survey questioned 11,000 people across Europe, with 1,000 respondents being from the UK.

In the UK, 51% of those surveyed prioritise wanting the Internet to bring “better access to healthcare”, with 48% wanting “better access to education”.

67% of those questioned feel the Internet has enable them to “stay in touch with family and friends”.

In the UK, 63% argue the Internet has allowed them to “keep up to date and informed”, whilst 62% use the Internet for “entertainment”.


22% of the UK feel as though the Internet has given everyone a voice.

“We live in a hyper-connected world. By 2022, we are going to see more traffic crossing global networks than in the entire history of the Internet combined,” commented Wendy Mars, President of Cisco EMEAR.

“This traffic comes from all of us, and increasingly, our machines. The survey shows the impact that the World Wide Web and the Internet has had on our lives, and what people expect for the future.”

“To realize that potential, organisations – be it in healthcare, education, or any other industry - must be able to understand the power of connections and securely extract value from them. In addition, they need to manage the complexity that comes with the explosion of connecting people, places, ideas and things across a network.”

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