Google CEO Larry Page says European Governments Not Investing Enough in Technology

- Leadership - Nov 03, 2014

Larry Page, co-founder and Chief Executive of Google, the world’s most successful online company, believes that governments across Europe are not investing enough in developing technology.

In an interview with the UK’s Financial Times, Page said that the continent risks falling behind other parts of the world unless more resources are channelled into becoming smarter and more tech-driven.

He said: "Why can't we get more of these things going in Europe? Like celebrating technology, having a friendly environment for it, having more investment in science and a basic understanding and entrepreneurialism and making money and moving quickly and [the] kind of the things that are good about Silicon Valley."

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Page believes that too high a proportion of investment into cutting edge technologies of tomorrow are coming from a handful of private investors and not public institutions like governments.

He added: “You can make an internet company with 10 people and it can have billions of users. It doesn’t take much capital and it makes a lot of money – a really, really lot of money – so it’s natural for everyone to focus on those kinds of things.”

Google is itself investing heavily in futuristic technologies. It recently released its Google Glass as the wearable technology revolution continues to pick up speed. The company is also trialling its driverless car, entering a market alongside motoring giants such as BMW, Audi and Tesla.

Asked by the Financial Times to look a century into the future, Page said “we could probably solve a lot of the issues we have as humans”. Upping global attention in technology would be a sound place to start. 

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