Siemens showcases smart infrastructure at Smart to Future Cities

- Leadership - Apr 05, 2019

Siemens Smart Infrastructure, the Switzerland-based subsidiary of the German manufacturer, will explore real-time data at the Smart to Future Cities event.

The event, which will take place in London between 10-11 April 2019, will focus on “delivering smarter, scalable and citizen-focused solutions through changing landscapes for the cities of the future.”

“According to the World Economic Forum, currently 85 per cent of assets remain unconnected but digitalisation is rapidly changing the landscape as cities begin to seamlessly blend physical and digital infrastructures,” commented Mark Jenkinson, City Director London at Siemens.

“Not only will this allow city planners to create more adaptable, efficient, secure and greener urban areas but it will also enable them to use the data, garnered from millions of datapoints, to make better informed-decisions about environmental and financial issues - revolutionising existing infrastructures.”


Jenkins will hold a session titled ‘Effective and efficient cities: why does real-time data hold the key?’ on 11 April.

“The 3D modelling technology behind digital twins is playing a vital role in the development of smart cities,” continued Jenkins.

“Modelling buildings or an entire city then simulating scenarios under differing and sometimes, complex, conditions allows designers to analyse the response a design may have to changes in things like occupancy, energy supply or other parameters.”

“Anything can be tested - a change in one entity could affect many others further down the line.”

“Feeding real-time data back into the virtual environment gives an incredibly accurate and ‘authoritative’ view from where planning decisions can be made.”

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