Unilever reveals sustainability progress

- Leadership - Apr 18, 2019

The British-Dutch consumer goods has revealed the progress it has made with its sustainability commitments.

The company are currently eight years into a 10-year plan, in which it is addressing new technologies, new business models, and new collaborations.

The firm claims to have met several goals prior to the 2020 deadline – it has reduced its emissions from energy use by 52%.

Unilever has also seen a 44% reduction in the amount of water produced from products, as well as a 97% reduction in waste from manufacturing since 2008.


“While we still face challenges, it’s clear that doing things differently – while staying true to our values – will continue to be key to our future success while fuelling progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and a creating world in which sustainable living is commonplace,” stated Alan Jope, CEO of Alan Jope, edie.net reported.

“More and more of our brands will become explicit about the positive social and environmental impact they have.”

“This is entirely aligned to the instincts of our people and to the expectations of our consumers. It is not about putting purpose ahead of profits, it is purpose that drives profits.”

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