UK’s WHISHWORKS plans global expansion

- Leadership - May 17, 2019

The UK-based Big Data company, WHISHWORKS, has announced plans to expand its operations across the US and Middle East.

The firm has planned the strategy following customer expansion, a rise in employees, and reporting its highest ever year-on-year revenue growth.

Since 2014, WHISHWORKS has achieved the highest compound annual growth rate (CAGR) and more than the industry average year-on-year revenue growth.

“We have certainly created a positive reputation for WHISHWORKS within Big Data and Mulesoft integration,” noted Sri Arardhi, Founder and CEO of WHISHWORKS.

“The two practices enjoy the support of our dedicated Centres of Excellence that act as knowledge hubs to accelerate innovation, best practice and problem-solving in the respective Big Data and MuleSoft integration projects.”


“As more and more companies are looking for effective ways to monetise their data, the rate of adoption within the Big Data and API-led integration space is growing exponentially. The opportunities are substantial, and the new NIIT deal, as well as our new offices in the USA, are set to fuel our growth potential.”

“The acquisition by NIIT comes at the perfect time as there are many synergies between our companies, and this will support our expansion and allow us to consolidate our strong position in the digital transformation space.”

“We believe the cornerstone of the company’s success lies with our skilled practitioners and the expertise and commitment they bring to our customers.”

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