Top 10 biggest manufacturing companies in Europe

Sean Galea-Pace
- Leadership - Jul 09, 2019

Business Chief counts down the top 10 biggest manufacturing companies in Europe.

Several notable businesses throughout Europe has experienced rapid growth and healthy returns despite socioeconomic tension due to Brexit. You'll want to watch for these ten companies that are demonstrating soaring revenues and innovative practices.

10. Hiperion Hotel Group SL ($75.4mn annual revenue)

Hiperion Hotel Group is a Madrid-based hotelier specializing in apartments, hotels, and tours in the Ibiza region with a steady customer base in the UK. Hiperion Hotel Group, better known as Grupo Playa Sol, was founded in 2011, and the brand has experienced a staggering growth rate exceeding 17,000% in recent years with the massive success of their "adults only" tours.

9. GA Smart Building ($100.7mn annual revenue)

With over 140 years in the French construction industry, the Toulouse-based outfit has enjoyed a healthy cash flow and rapid growth. GA Smart Building focuses on off-site construction and strives to meet customers’ needs with environmentally-friendly building and property development solutions. The unique mass production model has led the company to experience almost 13,000% growth in the past three years.

8. Aarstiderne A/S ($102.1mn annual revenue)

Seemingly Denmark's answer to the likes of Blue Apron and Instacart, Aarstiderne A/S actually predates these apps by almost 20 years as the Barrit, Denmark based company was founded in 1999 with e-commerce technology intended to deliver organic vegetables to homes throughout Denmark. The company has seen substantial growth with their meal boxes that can be scaled for 1-5 people per the customer's needs.

7. UAB Topo Grupe ($108mn annual revenue)

Lithuania's largest consumer electronics and appliance retail chain has just 37 stores in 25 cities but the Kaunas-based conglomerate UAB Topo Grupe has experienced almost 6,000% growth in recent years. This is primarily due to the company's membership in Euronics International, which is one of the world's largest trading alliances. UAB Topo Grupe has also won awards and seen such major growth on account of their innovative product design and providing an exceptional level of service in areas where the competition has fallen behind.

6. Ba&Sh S.A.S. ($108.6mn annual revenue)

A portmanteau of "Barbara and Sharon", Ba&Sh is a Paris-based women's apparel manufacturer with stores in Asia, Oceania, select cities in the Unites States, Europe, and North Africa. Ba&Sh stores are primarily located in western and central Europe but the brand also offers its products online. The brand's simple and feminine designs appeal to upmarket customers and have remained steadfast since its founding in 2003. Smart supply chain management has made the brand transition well to online sales while allowing Ba&Sh to maintain a significant number of brick-and-mortar shops.


5. Balta Group ($110mn annual revenue)

Balta Group is one of Europe's leading textile producers specialising in area rugs and carpeting for commercial and residential customers with origins as flax merchants in the 1950s. With almost 3,900 employees and a notable portfolio of carpeting and carpet tile brands, Balta Group exports its products to 139 countries worldwide with its core markets in Germany, France, United Kingdom, and the United States as well as central and Eastern Europe.

4. iZettle AB ($110.4mn annual revenue)

Swedish startup iZettle was founded in 2010 to provide mobile payment solutions for individuals and businesses with apps and separate devices meant to be used with smartphones and tablets. iZettle is best known for its card reader apps and devices that can read chip and PIN cards that later expanded to mobile-friendly cash registers and other tools to help entrepreneurs get paid. With a wide array of users throughout Europe and the Americas, iZettle became a subsidiary of PayPal in 2018.

3. Frais Embal SASU ($112mn annual revenue)

Frais Embal is a Boulogne-based fish processing company founded in 1992 that processes and supplies boneless fish and related fish products to wholesale customers throughout France. Frais Embal specialises in packaged fresh and frozen fish primarily serving large distributors and caterers, and the company has achieved consistent growth by attaining a key position in the international fish market, and proprietary technologies that prioritise environmental sustainability without compromising product quality.

2. Almacantar Limited ($146.6mn annual revenue)

Almacantar Ltd. is a property investment and development firm focusing on large-scale residential and commercial properties in Central London. The company's holdings include some of the most desirable property in the world, and Almacantar is exploring mixed-use housing and retail property development like the much-discussed Lyons Place project. The company operates as a subsidiary of Spain-based Almacantar SA and owns over 1.5mn sq. ft of prime London real estate.

1. Labirint-Volga ($195.5mn annual revenue)

Headquartered in Nizhni Novgorod, the Russian Federation based beverage wholesaler has seen over 3,600% growth in just three years. Best known for their "Krasnoe & Beloe" or "The Red and White" brand, Labirint-Volga owns a large chain of self-service shops selling a variety of consumer products but specializing in pre-packaged alcoholic beverages. With more than 12,000 employees and 18 regional offices, Labirint-Volga is one of the largest employers in Russia operating over 4,700 stores and multiple distribution centers. Labirint-Volga stores also vend several hundred grocery items as well as 60-70 brands of cigarettes, and while the company doesn’t offer online payment and delivery, individual and corporate customers can reserve items online and pick them up in their nearest Red and White store.



Exchange rates obtained through June 4th

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