UK’s Igloo Energy partners to launch free EV smart charging

- Leadership - Jul 19, 2019

The UK based energy companies, Igloo Energy and, have partnered to launch a new electric vehicle (EV) smart charging offer.

Igloo Energy will offer all new customers its Pioneer Tariff, with 1,200 free miles worth of charging via its Smart EV app.

The app ensures that the greenest energy available from the grid at the time is used to power EVs.

“We're passionate about helping our customers reduce how and when they use energy both inside and outside the home and we want to make this as easy as possible for them,” stated Matt Clemow, CEO of Igloo Energy.


“Our trial with Tesla drivers has been a huge success and we’re excited about welcoming new customers who want to reduce their carbon footprint to our simple single tariff which will allow them to easily lower their energy usage.”

“For a typical user driving 8,000 miles a year, we can reduce the CO2 emissions of charging their electric vehicle by 20%. Over a year this equates to 150kg of CO2 or a flight from London to Berlin on a plane,” commented Nick Woolley, CEO and Co-Founder of

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