Allianz crowned number one insurer globally

According to Interbrand Best Global Brands 2019 rankings, Allianz has been considered the number one insurance company. This marks a successful year for the company as it has increased from US$10.8bn in 2018 to $12.1bn in 2019.

Serge Raffard, group strategy, marketing and distribution officer for Alliance SE said: “We are proud to become the number-one insurance brand – a sign of our strategy and transformation in action

“The headline of our strategy is ‘Simplicity Wins.’ Our increased brand value reflects a more relevant, consistent, global brand, transforming to fewer, intuitive products and services and rebalancing the business to high demand and profitability areas.”

The Insurance company came 43rd in the rankings behind companies: Audi, Citi, BMW and Adobe. It is no surprise that those to steal the top three spots are Apple, Google and Amazon. 



“From entering the top 100 table in 2007 to becoming the number-one insurance brand globally at rank 43, it’s exciting to reach our first milestone,” said Christian Deuringer, head of global brand management for Allianz SE,” Raffard continued.

“But there’s more to come. We will keep building our brand, leveraging unique insights and working together with our customers to provide an even better experience, while investing in sustainable, innovative partnerships like Formula E to increase our presence and relevance in customers’ lives.”

The only other insurance company to make the list was AXA, which ranked 46 in the list.

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