Startup Spotlight: SmartWisdom, managing knowledge

Business Chief continues its startup series by speaking to leading human intelligence entrepreneur and founder of SmartWisdom, Jonathan Kemp.

[image: Jonathan Kemp]

Hi Jonathan, could you tell me a little bit about SmartWisdom?

We teach people to manage knowledge instead of record information. So instead of taking notes for use later, we teach them how to use all the information they get from others live in meetings, conference calls and interviews.

So, SmartWisdom is a next generation form of note-taking that increases 10 key cognitive skills in real-time, allowing users to achieve their true potential and gain competitive edge. It has been used to empower many professionals in top global businesses, enabling them to perform at a higher level than anyone else in the room.

Businesspeople can use their increased knowledge gained in real time, giving them an immediate competitive edge by producing more concise and detailed high-quality notes, that are easier to recall, even a year later. The focus is on meaning and relationships rather than just recording. Users are more able to focus, listen, record, understand and question, simultaneously.

How do you evidence these competitive benefits? 

SmartWisdom techniques are scientifically proven and there is nothing that we know of on the market that compares. SmartWisdom enhances listening, concentration, and is shown to increase real-time comprehension by an average of 20-23%. You can create knowledge structures and a holistic overview, enabling deeper questioning, greater spotting of patterns and links, enhancing critical and analytical thinking, creating new ideas and insights, enabling accurate and detailed recall. The SmartWisdom template® transforms Glance Access™, to utilise the knowledge you’ve captured ‘at a glance’ in real-time."

Personal well being improves; users feel more relaxed, confident and excited by their ability to manage more information at a new level. It trains you to listen and concentrate at a high level for at least an hour so you’re more in control of the information in meetings than anyone else there.



What has been SmartWisdom’s most significant milestone?

Our greatest milestone is the findings from the two independent scientific studies by cognitive neuroscientists, which show that users of the SmartWisdom techniques increase their real time understanding by 20% (study 1) and dyslexics by 23% (study 2) above that which can be achieved by others.  In the last month we've just launched a unique online training programme, using 20 years of experience and knowledge to teach the techniques that will now reach and empower millions of people worldwide.


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