COVID-19: Babcock to produce 10,000 ventilators

Jack Grimshaw
- Leadership - Apr 07, 2020

Babcock, one of the largest contractors of the UK military, has pledged its engineering abilities to the COVID-19 cause, as it prepares to manufacture 10,000 ventilators.

In a statement following the UK Prime Minister’s “ventilator challenge”, Babcock has stated that the company has responded quickly to the call to action. The company joins Dyson and JCB as manufacturers around the country look to increase the readiness of the National Health Service (NHS) for the coronavirus. 

The ventilators remove carbon dioxide from the lungs whilst bringing in oxygen, helping patients of the virus breathe. Patients with acute symptoms are currently struggling to access ventilators, which has led to the government’s cry for help.


The new units will be produced by Babcock in partnership with a major supplier of critical care ventilators, which has asked to remain nameless. Earlier this week, an order of ventilators had arrived at the Ministry of Defence’s base in Donnington. These ventilators will shortly be sent out to hospitals in dire need of the medical equipment.

The company added "we are proud to have been awarded a contract by the Cabinet Office to manufacture 10,000 Zephyr Plus ventilators, subject to regulatory approvals; a product being developed in collaboration with an established major international supplier of critical care ventilators."

1,400 3D-printer owners in the UK have also joined the effort, pledging to use their machines to produce face masks and protective equipment for the NHS.

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