Elite Systems manufacturing a 20-bed isolation ward

Elite Systems, a specialist in the modular construction industry, is in the process of manufacturing an isolation ward with 20 beds for the Royal Surrey County Hospital in the UK.

Within eight weeks, the facility, built in response to COVID-19,  is set to be fully completed, open and ready to accept patients. The ward will house 20 individual rooms, each with en-suite bathrooms. A nurses’ station will feature at the centre of the ward, with additional space for storage and cleaning supplies, treatment rooms and relatives’ rooms. 

Elite Systems is already on-site and has commenced groundworks on the project, shortly after the decision to enlist it as the hospital’s supplier. The 20-bed facility will be constructed in controlled conditions whilst the groundworks are carried out at the facility, with final-fixes being carried out on site. This will enable Elite Systems to deliver on the project in a much quicker timescale, slated to be completed by June.


Jason Bowker, Elite Systems' commercial director, said: "In the response to the Covid-19 outbreak, speed is of the essence and when we received the enquiry from the Royal Surrey County Hospital we understood that a very fast turnaround was required – not only in the construction of the hospital, but in the time taken to provide a quote and a detailed outline of the proposed ward.

"Hospitals across the UK are urgently in need of additional space, and with our team's ability to quickly and safely construct high-quality modular buildings, and our technical division on hand to map out the requirements within days, means that we are able to help the UK face its biggest crisis in a generation."

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