[Infographic] Inefficient Working Costs European Businesses 20 Days a Year

- Leadership - Nov 27, 2014

Businesses across Europe waste 20 days a year because of inefficient ways of working, according to a new study.

Research across the Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands also found that sensitive data is at risk with potentially damaging consequences for companies’ revenues and reputations.

The findings, commissioned by Projecplace, reflect organisations struggling to adapt to the rapid evolution of technology, new working habits, and the increasingly global nature of business.

Highlights include:

  1. Inefficient ways of working cost businesses 20 working days a year.
  2. Two-thirds of project managers can access sensitive data in their organisation, but only half can see who has read, changed or downloaded a shared document.
  3. Lack of communication is a major collaboration challenge for over a third of project managers.
  4. Email is still the main communication method amongst teams, but the number of emails received leaves one in three project managers feeling stressed.
  5. Three-quarters say that having access to better tools would result in more time saved, better control of costs, a stronger sense of team and lower stress levels.
  6. Only half of respondents say their organisation’s IT department supports employees’ use of new technologies.

Tobias Andersson, Chief Operating Officer of Projectplace, said: “Old habits kill productivity and are hard to get rid of. Project success requires a balance of elements, including building a motivated team, easy collaboration and getting things done on time and within budget.

“When balance is achieved, projects run like clockwork. But, it takes just takes one of those elements to slip, disrupting the balance and resulting in chaos. If the team misses a single email, the knock-on effect can be a delay in the project, a disgruntled customer, and even lost revenues.”

See the infographic below to find out more.  

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