When are your 2015 Bank Holidays and how does it compare to Europe?

- Leadership - Jan 05, 2015

As millions of workers across Europe head back to begin a new year of industry and graft, one can't help but fast forward to their next patch of time off. 


Bank Holidays represent a welcome break, often a three-day weekend, which are taken across Europe to varying degrees in volume. The UK as it turns out actually has fewer bank or public holidays then many of Europe's big economies. 

There is no automatic right to time off on these days, although banks close and the majority of the working population is granted time off work or extra pay for working on these days, depending on their contract. 

Here are the dates of bank holidays in the UK: 

  • Friday April 3: Good Friday 
  • Monday April 6: Easter Monday 
  • Monday May 4: May Bank Holiday 
  • Monday May 25: Spring Bank Holiday 
  • Monday August 31: Summer Bank Holiday 
  • Friday December 25: Christmas Day 
  • Monday December 28: Boxing Day Bank Holiday (As Boxing is on a Saturday) 

How does this compare to the likes of France, Germany and Spain?

In France, May is a great month for bonus holidays, as the 1st, 8th, 14th and 25th are set aside for time off, the first two respectively Labour Day and Victory Day 1945. All Saints Day (November 1) and Armistice Day (November 11) represent two more extra public holidays not experienced in the UK after August. 

In Germany, many public holidays fall at the weekend, although like France May features four holidays compared to two in the UK. In October there is a Day of German Unity (Saturday 3rd). 

Spain knows national, regional and local holidays. Each municipality can determine up to 14 holidays while the central government can arrange up to nine days. When comparing to the UK, Spanish workers recieve a greater number of public holidays post-August, with Spanish National Holiday (October 12) and Immaculate Conception (December 8) two days off granted across the whole country in Autumn. 

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