7 ways businessfriend can Help European Professionals do Business in 2015

- Leadership - Jan 21, 2015

For businessmen and women across Europe, apps have become a way to manage working documents, hectic schedules and circles of contacts.


With apps seemingly available for every function that the hard-working professional performs each and every day, it is no surprise that smartphones, tablets and desktops are congested with programmes designed to help get through workloads.

New for 2015 and fresh from a launch at CES, businessfriend cuts across all platforms to provide a service designed to consolidate and simplify professional collaboration - one app for all business affairs.

Founder and CEO Glen White outlines the logic behind the new social network. He said: "On any given day, the typical young professional can have as many as five platforms open to get them through their day. We offer one complete forum that enables constant connectivity for optimal business communications. One mobile app, one desktop, any device - no more juggling apps."

Here are seven reasons why businessfriend can help you do business in 2015:

  1. All communications, mediums and channels on one platform
  2. Accessible on all devices; available on desktop and to download via Google Play and the App Store
  3. Up to 2GB of free cloud storage for documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more
  4. Social interaction with other professionals in Europe and across the world through web chat, video, and free VoIP calls
  5. Share files with colleagues and partners and download documents
  6. Digidex™ contact management system, a virtual business address book
  7. Total collaboration without sharing personal and private information

As 2015 progresses the business world will become ever more connected by billions of devices surfing the Internet of Things. businessfriend will be looking to add a touch of simplicity and order to the network of the business professional, competing in the space previously monopolised by LinkedIn.

Try the app and see what you think. For more information logon to www.businessfriend.com and watch the video below.  

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