Outotec’s Korhonen says it’s not just about ethics

John O'Hanlon
- Leadership - Mar 23, 2015

Environmental best practice is not just a matter of compliance. It is not even about looking good in the eyes of the shareholders and fending off the attention of lobbying groups. These things are vital, no doubt, but doing the right thing is never a cost to be buried and if companies would only step back and see how sustainability right along the supply chain turbocharges their triple bottom line – well they’d be happier to invest.

Take the Finnish mining services giant Outotec. Not for nothing is it the world’s third best sustainability company – it gained that title thanks to its life cycle use of natural resources. Outotec President and Chief Executive Officer Pertti Korhonen has set down his thoughts in an interview with Ethical Corporation. He is emphatic about keeping Outotec’s own house in order: “Make no mistake: I am driving [our sustainable] agenda. Our mission statement is “sustainable use of Earth’s natural resources”. That’s anchored in everything that I do as Chief Executive and governs my decisions and those of our management team. It’s not just about ethics; it’s about long-term business success for us as a company.”

He firmly believes that those companies that strive to be as ethical as possible will be the most successful over time. This may not be apparent to companies in the mining and minerals processing sector where substantial environmental impact is inevitable, but even the cost of energy-efficient machinery can be fully justified on economic grounds. “We stress that although the initial outlay may be larger, the long-term returns from sustainable solutions are far higher.”

The full interview can be downloaded here

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