Moments that Matter make or break IT careers

John O'Hanlon
- Leadership - Oct 13, 2015

Earlier this month Colt Technology Services Group launched the results of a European study, showing that distinct ‘moments that matter’ are key to the career trajectory of senior IT leaders in the UK, France and Germany. The research findings show that with the rise of the digital economy and development of IT into a strategic function, IT professionals define their career success more from pivotal moments than day-to-day activity.

More than three-quarters of respondents (77 percent) believe their career success is defined by key moments that generate recognition and deliver success for the wider organisation. The link between ‘moments that matter’ and personal success is even stronger for IT leaders who perceive themselves as ‘exceeding expectations’ in their role (91 percent).

These ‘moments that matter’ are also clearly identified when exploring their working relationships with suppliers: over three-quarters (77 percent) state the ability to excel during critical points in their business calendar is more important than ongoing support from service providers.

When asked to group the top ‘moments that matter’, IT leaders highlighted:

·         New infrastructure changes - 67 percent

·         External events (data outage/ tech crisis) - 63 percent

·         Responding to emerging customer requirements - 60 percent

More than half (62 percent) of IT leaders believe their teams are more focused on strategic projects than keeping things running. However, an analysis of the moments that matter mentioned by respondents showed a conflict between their aspirations and the reality of their daily roles. A significant proportion of projects concerned improving efficiency and effectiveness within the IT specialisation instead of customer affecting achievements.

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