Ryanair profits grow thanks to 'being nice'

- Leadership - Nov 02, 2015

Ryanair's most recent figures show a 37% rise in pre-tax profits as well as a 13% rise in traffic to 58 million passengers. It is also the first EU airline to carry over 10 million customers in one month. In a statement CEO Michael O'Leary said: “We are pleased to report this strong set of H1 results. We have enjoyed a bumper summer due to a very rare confluence of favourable events including stronger sterling, adverse weather in northern Europe, reasonably flat industry capacity and further savings on our unhedged fuel, as millions of customers switched to Ryanair for our Always Getting Better customer experience programme."

Michael O'Leary told Bloomberg TV that the airline's growth is a result of 'being nice'. He made the comments in an interview about the company's rise in pre-tax profits in which he also said: "As long as it boosts profitability I don't think there is any limit to my niceness."

The Always Getting Better programme includes lower fees for extras such as airport check-in and an improved inflight menu with healthy options.


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