Switzerland tops world rankings for business talent

Jess Shanahan
- Leadership - Nov 18, 2015

A report by IMD’s World Competitiveness Center has shown that Switzerland is leading the way when it comes to business talent. The report looked at 20 years’ worth of data and focused on investment, appeal and readiness.

Switzerland manages to develop, attract and retain talent in a way that satisfies business needs, the report showed. Denmark ranked second and Luxembourg third – having jumped up 10 places on last year’s report –  while larger economies were found much further down the ranks. The US ranked 14th and China 40th showing that economic power doesn’t necessarily correlate with talent.

Professor Arturo Bris, Director of IMD’s World Competitiveness Center, which carried out the study, said: “The key attribute among all the countries that rank highly in our standings is agility, as shown in their capacity to shape policies that preserve their talent pipeline.

“In this regard, none is more agile than Switzerland, which has shown itself to be the most talent-competitive country in the world for nine of the past 10 years.

“Other countries, many of the world’s leading economic powers among them, could learn valuable lessons from understanding how the Swiss manage their talent pool.”

Overall, the research suggests that Northern Europe has the greatest concentration of talent hotspots across the world. This is down to continued investment in the local talent but knowing when to look overseas too.

The report is published yearly but looks at various aspects over a 10-year period. Switzerland has managed to top the rankings year-on-year, except in 2006 when Austria took the top spot. This is a clear indication that the Swiss are leading the way when it comes to talent.

This shows that a country known for its chocolate, cheese and watches is about so much more than just those few niche markets.

Read the full report from IMD here.

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