How entrepreneurs across Europe can increase productivity

Stuart Maitland
- Leadership - Nov 25, 2015

Life can be manic for successful entrepreneurs.

As a business owner, ultimately it’s your responsibility to be breadwinner, administration assistant, head of customer service, operational manager and chief tea maker!

So, how can you, as a small business ensure you maximise productivity and work on the things that matter most to your business (and your pocket)?

As one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the UK, I thought it would be useful for me to share my experiences and how I keep my productivity high while also managing a successful property business;

So sit back, relax and read my top tips you need to take to ensure maximum productivity for your business;

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

It’s important to start the day as you mean to go on – for me it’s an early start of around 4am, before hitting the gym and tuning into BBC news in the morning, so that I have a good grasp of what’s going on in the world, some of which relates to my business, be it indirectly or through marketing.

Keep in mind your motivations

To be successful you need to have a goal, and that goal needs to be instilled in your core. Looking back to my childhood, I think I’ve always had an ambition to own something and be my own boss. Even when I was a junior chef, peeling and chopping vegetables for some of Scotland’s top chefs, I was still thinking about business and working my way up to be the best I could…

I still keep my business motivations at the front centre of my mind – this helps me to prioritise tasks and focus on what will get me to my goals.

Networking is important

Coming from a base career in hospitality of course I like meeting people, it’s not only been part of my job but also created my success. By maximising opportunities at networking I have been able to meet some of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs and take inspiration from them, but it’s important to attend the right events for your business and your goals – or you could waste a lot of time meeting people that will never help your business, choose wisely.

Business really is a roller-coaster ride!

One thing I wish I could have told myself when starting out was to be patient.

When I was 18, I needed everything immediately, as I have matured, I’ve also learned the importance of not rushing and remembering that sometimes, good things come to those who wait. Planning is one of the most important aspects in business and will help you to also save time and energy on things that don’t matter so much.

Never settle for 2nd

My last tip is to love what you do.  If you don’t love what you do, you need to go find something else you enjoy, because you can never make a success out of something you dislike!

Stuart Maitland is the CEO of The Maitland Group.

At just 22 years old, Stuart has created a renowned profile as a successful businessman; having met an array of leading business guru’s including Peter Jones, Duncan Bannatyne, Levi Roots and Charlie Mullins who he takes inspiration from to develop his own opportunities.

You can read more about Stuart on his LinkedIn profile here;

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