Have you future-proofed your business?

- Leadership - Dec 04, 2015

UK businesses are failing to prepare for a worst-case scenario, putting themselves at risk of huge financial losses.

Research carried out by central London data centre City Lifeline has found 60 percent of businesses are ill-prepared to react when disaster strikes. This is despite UK SMEs collectively losing £831 million during last year’s winter floods, proving lessons still haven’t been learned.

Natural disasters aren’t the only issue however, with businesses stating network outages are the biggest frustration in the business world. Roger Keenan, Managing Director of City Lifeline, was stunned to find so few leaders are future-proofing their business.

“Last year’s winter floods showcased just how important it is for businesses to prepare for worst case scenarios. Although the floods caused many tragic incidents which were impossible to prevent, steps should have been taken to ensure recovery processes were in place in all business premises,” Keenan said.

“The same must be true for all other issues which can arise. For example, IT professionals see outages as their biggest frustration, yet almost two thirds are doing nothing to prevent them. Outsiders may see them as a minor hindrance, but the loss of time and productivity caused by outages can cost millions throughout a year, especially if they impact customers or result in data loss.”

Keenan added: “As the scale and complexity of the interconnected world has grown, so have the opportunities for unforeseen events to cause widespread technology problems throughout a business. Failing to prepare equates to accepting business failure, and this simply can’t be an option.

“An in-depth plan must be in place to protect against natural disasters. While partnering with a high-quality data centre will ensure critical operations continue and data is secured against loss, backup processes must be in place so businesses never feel the effects of disasters.”

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